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Here's How To Use Apple AirPods For Eavesdropping With Jan 12, 2019 Eavesdrop from a Distance with This DIY Parabolic "Spy Image via A parabolic microphone uses a parabolic reflector to focus sound waves onto a receiver. This makes it a lot more sensitive than a normal microphone (think of it like a satellite dish for audio). They're used for everything from sports broadcasting to nature recording, to more nefarious purposes like eavesdropping and law enforcement.

I used Cascade (eavesdrop inspired addon) for some time but now it is abandoned and the "any" number of lines is the main reason I use Cascade instead of eavesdrop. Already tried editing the luas but as soon as I get to 21 lines it crashes and stop working until I put it back lower than 20. Edit: nevermind, I just fixed cascade, thnx anyway.

Eavesdropping | Definition of Eavesdropping at Eavesdropping definition, to listen secretly to a private conversation. See more. Using Eavesdropping in ESL Class for Speaking and Listening Have one pair eavesdrop while the other speaks. The eavesdroppers should complete the worksheet while listening. Afterwards, they should summarize what they heard to check their understanding. Lastly, if they are practicing a conversational strategy, e.g. being persuasive, they can comment on how effective the speakers were using this strategy.

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